Since its establishment in 2003, fee G has built a loyal following by designing fashion with a feminine and modern twist. Strong, confident women turn to fee G for both wardrobe staples and statement pieces for life’s special moments. fee G is a brand that loves bright colours and playful prints that bring joy to the wearer. Combining European textiles and exclusive prints, fee G continues to offer a bold and edgy twist on classic styles to elevate the modern woman’s wardrobe.


Where does the fee G name come from?

The brand was created by Fiona Heaney and husband Don Gormley, who combined their names ‘fee’ and ‘G’ and talents and formed the unique label, fee G.


At fee G, we pride ourselves on honesty, passion and creativity. We have the best team who are dedicated to bring the most desirable collection to the boutique customer. We use family run factories in Europe to produce our garments, all of which ‘are created with love’. Our goal as a design company is to constantly evolve and create exciting collections.

We strongly believe that good clothes are not just for one season, they are forever. We strive to buy less yet buy better.